Archistart IAH Summer 2016

I have always wanted to participate in an architecture competition, and after some research, I found an amazing opportunity to do so in San Cataldo, Lecce, Italy, as part of an architecture holiday too! What's better than touring with architects?! We know what to look for 😉 So there I am, signed up for the… Continue reading Archistart IAH Summer 2016


Landing my dream internship at Shigeru Ban Architects!

What are the odds of landing your dream job working with your idol Architect that is a renowned Japanese STARchitect in this case, and with no work experience at all!!!! and in the best country in the world?! Hellooooo Japan!!! Yes, admittedly, I am a total fangirl of Shigeru Ban since my first year of studying Architecture. I came across his… Continue reading Landing my dream internship at Shigeru Ban Architects!