My name originates from the Greek word ‘life’, and I certainly make the most of every opportunity to live my life with fulfillment.

‘Zoe: (n) A shy creature at first. Uniquely beautiful, a Zoe remarkably difficult to come by, and those lucky enough to encounter one should be aware that this will likely be their only chance to do so.’

I am currently studying my Part 2 Architecture at University of Westminster and have graduated from Part 1 Architecture BA(Hons) course at De Montfort University, Leicester. Since then, I have pursued my career in Japan and Hong Kong, attended an architectural workshop in Italy and also volunteered in various architectural festivals in London.

I am currently working in a small team on an upcoming architectural mobile app ARCHiTRACKER designed for Architect-enthusiasts and explorers like you and I.

Beyond Architecture…

With my Architectural interest, I also live by the wanderlust life, as a female solivagant and adventurer. Travelling has allowed me to challenge myself in all aspects; I completed a Scuba-diving course in Thailand despite being an amateur swimmer, hiked to the peak of Mount Fuji in Japan, ate raw crab and live octopus that sucked onto your tongue in South Korea and trekked several days in 40 degrees heat in Myanmar.

I also have a healthy habit of practicing yoga at home, an obsession with muay thai and passion in karate.