London Design Biennale 2016

London Design Biennale vounteersOne thing I love about central London is how much design and creativity is encouraged and promoted, in the heart of design innovation, London this summer has proudly held its first Design Biennale ever, and I was in the middle of it as a volunteer.

Becoming a volunteer at the Biennale has been a wonderful and pleasant experience, albeit only volunteered for the first week of the event, I would have happily continued till the end! (Although it was quite exhausting with the long hours of standing and talking to the visitors!). I met many other volunteers who were from different design fields that I didn’t even know existed, either working or studying. Despite that, we all bonded so well and developed such a close community just like a family… Our LDB2016 family! ❤

There were many perks of being a volunteer, such as we could see the installations before it was opened to the public and during our breaks, talk to the exhibitors understanding about their designs and creations, sit in the talks and seminars that you wish to (when negotiated with our leaders to be on talks duty!) and most beneficial of all, being part of a network of future designers. 🙂 Oh and not to forget, freebies of t-shirts, notebooks, food and drinks, and brightly coloured wristbands to remind us of the amazing time we had.London Design Biennale 2016The highlight of the whole Biennale for me was definitely meeting and listening to Richard Roger’s talk!!! (I was on talks duty, so I missed parts of the talk due to going in and out of the talks’ hall) But I managed to snap a selfie with the respectable Architect and also an autograph in my Biennale book! *Big cheesy smiles* =D Rogers is such a sweet and gentle man and I totally love his brightly coloured clothes!Richard Rogers and Zoe Mak Richard Rogers Autograph - London Design Biennale 2016

If you missed the whole event, here is what was included…

London Design Biennale opened in September for a duration of three weeks, with 37 countries that participated and contributed to a theme of ‘Utopia by Design’, curated by Dr Christopher Turner.

You can view the extensive list of participants here.

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